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Investing in Real Estate Market for 2022: Trends, Insights and Investment Opportunities

Surely you have heard the concept of investing in Real Estate at some point, but do you know what it is? We’ll explain what this term means and how to investing in Real Estate works.

The concept of Real Estate often appears in newspapers, television, radio, and various specialized pages in the real estate sector. You probably don’t know its meaning well and have wondered many times what it refers to. In this article, we’ll explain it simply so you understand how it works and who the players are in this market.

Investing in real estate

What is Real Estate?

Real Estate means ‘real property’ or ‘real estate.’ The term is used in English-speaking places to refer to the real estate market. The concept of investing in Real Estate is used generically to discuss both rentals and indices, construction, or the new housing market, although it is currently more associated with the acronym REIT (Real Estate Investment Trust). And what do these new English words refer to? They are a way of talking about buying homes to profit through renting.

But it doesn’t end there, and this concept goes much further within the real estate sector. For example, it has its place in the ‘Housing’ section of newspapers such as El Mundo or ABC. In addition, these words serve as a substrate or support to refer to other activities in the sector such as Real Estate Agent (real estate agent), Real Estate Investment (any investment), or Real Estate Tax (directly related to taxes applicable to property and real estate).


Buy apartment for rent, investing in real estate

Trends in the real estate sector for 2022

To invest in Real Estate, one must consider the data from the year 2021. Apartment prices recorded an increase of 3.8%, reaching €1,675/m². In the case of single-family homes, the increase reached 12.8%, with the price per square meter standing at €1,212. Data from the Statistical Information Center of the Notaries (CIEN) reveals a nationwide increase that, in practice, translates into a widespread price hike in 14 of the 17 autonomous communities.

The Valencian Community (14.2%), Madrid (14.0%), Murcia (13.3%), Catalonia (12.4%), the Canary Islands (12.0%), and the Balearic Islands (11.6%) lead the ranking of regions where housing prices increased the most in 2021. The increase was less pronounced in Andalusia (9.5%), Aragon (6.7%), Castilla-La Mancha (3.8%), Asturias (3.6%), Cantabria (3.0%), Galicia (1.6%), Navarre (1.2%), and Castile and León (1.0%), although all of them experienced increases that are quite different from the declines noted in La Rioja (-22.4%), Extremadura (-7.6%), and the Basque Country (-5.0%).

In any case, we know that the real estate market in 2022 continues the growth trend started in 2021. However, real estate experts project a price increase of around 4-5% in 2022, slightly higher than the previous year’s 3.8% increase.

beachfront apartment

Inseryal by Marina d’Or, a good option for investing in Real Estate

At Inseryal by Marina d’Or, we want to offer you a good investment with profitability. Our apartments on the very first line of the beach in Oropesa del Mar/Cabanes may be the investment you are looking for. These apartments, besides having a privileged location, are delivered fully furnished, equipped, and decorated, with every luxury detail.

In the surroundings, you will find Marina d’Or Vacation City, where you can find all kinds of services, both leisure and health-related.

Castellón is a province that has more than 300 days of sunshine per year and is known for its gastronomy and beaches.


Come and visit us and find the perfect real estate investment.

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