Houses for sale in Oropesa del Mar 2024: INCREDIBLE OFFER

Houses for sale in Oropesa del Mar


Find some of the best houses for sale in Oropesa del Mar It is easy. This means that, finally, the time has come to not give up on the dream of watching your children grow up in the garden of your home. But do you really know what the difference is between a house, a semi-detached villa and a semi-detached villa?

Houses for sale in Oropesa del Mar: Let's start by clarifying what a "house" is.

A house is a home typically located in the urban center and lacks land or garden on the façade. Most houses have one or two floors, with an entrance door on the same sidewalk of the street.

And what about the "semi-detached house"? Is it part of the houses for sale in Oropesa del Mar?

The word "chalet" comes from the French "chalé" and refers to a single-family house with one to three floors and a garden.

These residences are usually located on the outskirts of the city and are popular both as permanent residences and holiday accommodation, especially in coastal or mountainous areas.

The term "chalet" originated in Switzerland, where the luxurious cabins in the Alps were called that for the first time.

As the name suggests, a semi-detached house is attached to another on both sides, sharing the side walls while leaving the front and rear facades free (except in corner houses).

The semi-detached houses often They are part of residential developments, where, in addition to your private home, you can enjoy vibrant community life with amenities such as swimming pools and gardens.

Houses for sale in Oropesa del Mar

Basic characteristics of a semi-detached house:

  • Homes usually have two connected perimeter sides.
  • One or two open fronts for access, ventilation and natural light.
  • There can be a garden both in the front and in the back of the house.
  • It usually has two or three floors to meet space needs.

Advantages of semi-detached houses:

  • Located in quiet areas on the outskirts but full of amenities such as schools and supermarkets, offering tranquility and convenience to the owners.
  • Two or even three floors with terraces, which translates into more square meters. Private garden.

Apartments for sale in Oropesa del Mar

The difference between a "terraced house" and a "semi-detached house" lies in the layout of the homes and the number of neighbors?

In the semi-detached houses ("semi-detached house«), a shared common wall is observed, creating a row of identical houses connected by a wall. On the other hand, semi-detached houses ("semi-detached house«) usually come in pairs, as the name suggests.

The main distinction between these two types of residences is the number of neighbors. A semi-detached house usually has two neighbors, one on each side, while a semi-detached house shares a wall with only one adjacent property.

Houses for sale in Oropesa del Mar: The best option facing the sea

Owning a terraced or semi-detached house has always been a status symbol for those who want privacy and the feel of a single-family home.

Many are hesitant to invest, fearing it means giving up essential services and communications.

Next to Marina d'Or Holiday Town, you will find houses for sale in Oropesa del Mar (terraced and semi-detached), in a privileged natural environment, a few meters from the fine sand of Torre la Sal beach and near the Prat de Cabanes – Torreblanca Protected Natural Park.

This beach is recognized as one of the best in Europe, offering a pleasant environment with an enviable climate, with more than 300 days of sunshine a year.

The area offers supermarkets, schools, green areas and a sea of activities in Marina d'Or Holiday Town, which includes amusement parks, espevents, sporting events, restaurants, buffets, water park, amusement park and the Marina d'Or Spa, the largest scientific seawater spa in Europe.

buy an apartment facing the sea

Key events in the area include World Chess Championships, Davis Cup Qualifiers, European Taekwondo Championships, Archery Championships, European and National Cross Country Championships, Ferrari Racing Days, Gran Fondo del Mediterráneo, and the Vuelta a Spain.

Near you, they wait for you five beaches, two coves, the old town of Oropesa del Mar, a yacht club and boat excursions. During the summer, the area bustles with activity, while the winter offers the tranquility you seek after work. Enjoy the Mediterranean all year round.

Our semi-detached houses offer various designs and have the best finishes. You can choose between two levels of quality, including the option to move into your home fully furnished, equipped and decorated.

They have a community area with a swimming pool and green spaces.

If you prefer to invest in a semi-detached house a few meters from the Torre la Sal beach and next to Marina d'Or, you have the opportunity to do so with any of our 14 semi-detached single-family houses available, fully equipped and decorated to the last detail.

The perfect opportunity to access the sale of houses in Marina d'Or is now available and within your reach. Don't let it slip away.

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