Acquisition of Marina d'Or for 70 million euros by the Fuertes Group: Progress and Prosperity

Marina d'Or

Fuertes y Magic compran Marina d’Or con el objetivo de convertirlo en uno de los destinos turísticos de élite de Europa

La adquisición del icónico complejo Marina d’Or en Oropesa del Mar ha sido anunciada oficialmente por el conglomerado agroalimentario Fuertes, conocido por sus marcas líderes como El Pozo. La transacción, valorada en aproximadamente 70 millones de euros según expertos inmobiliarios, está actualmente en revisión por la Comisión Nacional de los Mercados y la Competencia (CNMC). Como parte de esta adquisición estratégica, Fuertes ha acordado confiar la gestión del complejo, que incluye apartamentos, hoteles y un spa, a la prestigiosa cadena Magic Costa Blanca, que ya opera con éxito otro resort en el complejo Terra Natura en Benidorm (Alicante).

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Marina d'Or: the coastal property sector

This acquisition marks a significant milestone in the foray of Powerful in the coastal property sector. Previously, in February, the group signed a collaboration agreement with the renowned Barceló Group for the management of six of its hotels and more than 600 rooms. This portfolio included the Arco de San Juan hotel, acquired by Fuertes in April 2022 and scheduled to reopen in 2025, becoming the first five-star hotel in the Murcia region. With this agreement, Barceló consolidates its position as the leading hotel chain in the region, managing hotels under its four brands: Royal Hideaway, Barceló, Occidental and Allegro.

This movement by Fuertes in the hotel sector is representative of the growing trend among business groups seeking to invest in coastal properties. The recovery of tourism and the increase in profitability indicators, such as income per Available Room (RevPAR) and Average Daily Rate (ADR), They have attracted investors from various industries.

An example of this is the kitchen and home materials manufacturer, Cosentino, taking its first steps in the hotel sector with the project Macenas Resort. This complex, located in Mojácar (Almería), was rescued from Sareb and will become a sustainable residential development with a hotel, a spa, a social club, a golf course and housing developments. The estimated investment is 200 million euros, with the creation of 180 direct jobs and 320 indirect jobs, thus contributing to the revitalization of a depressed area along the coast.


Aerial photo of the port of Oropesa

Fuertes' expansion in the coastal property sector demonstrates the growing importance of this market and its attractiveness to investors from various sectors. The acquisition of Marina d'Or and the collaboration with Barceló represent significant steps in Fuertes' growth strategy within the hotel sector.

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The strategic actions of Fuertes in the coastal property sector not only underline their commitment to diversifying their portfolio, but also highlight the growing attractiveness of real estate in coastal areas for investors from different industries. The acquisition of Marina d'Or, located in the picturesque Oropesa del Mar, and the subsequent collaboration with the prestigious Barceló Group exemplify Fuertes' recognition of the potential within the hospitality sector, especially in coastal regions known for their tourist attraction.

The acquisition of Marina d'Or, valued at approximately €70 million, aligns with Fuertes' broader vision to capitalize on the resurgence of the tourism industry, especially in popular coastal destinations. This landmark transaction is currently under scrutiny by the National Markets and Competition Commission (CNMC), underlining the importance of this strategic move within the regulatory landscape.

Oropesa of the Sea

Furthermore, Fuertes' collaboration with the Barceló Group, which involves the management of six hotels and more than 600 rooms, consolidates its position in the competitive hotel industry. The inclusion of Arco de San Juan hotel This portfolio, which will become the first five-star hotel in the Murcia region upon reopening in 2025, adds another layer to Fuertes' diversification strategy.

The broader trend of diversified companies entering the hospitality sector, as seen with Cosentino's foray into the Macenas Resort project, reflects the recognition of the sector's potential for substantial returns. With an estimated investment of €200 million and the creation of numerous jobs, such projects not only contribute to local economic development, but also underline the transformative impact of strategic investments in coastal properties.

The Fort expansion in this thriving market signals a well-calibrated response to the evolving dynamics of the real estate and hospitality sectors, positioning the conglomerate for a continued growth and success for years to come.

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