Welcome to the New Central Offices of MARINA D'OR Construcciones

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Located in the Moyano street 8 in Castellón, our MARINA D'OR Construcciones headquarters are not only a meeting point for business, but a true declaration of principles in terms of design and comfort. From the outside, the building impresses with its façade of large windows that not only provide a feeling of openness towards the city, but also fill every corner of the interior with light.

Upon entering, the first thing that captures your attention is our reception, a bright and modern space, with some decorative touches of color. Ana, our receptionist will assist you and take your information. 


MARINA D'OR Constructions


Spaces Designed for Comfort and Collaboration on Calle Moyano Nº8

Our office is made up of an open space, designed to foster an environment of collaboration and transparency. It has two offices strategically located to the right of the main entrance, the entire area is accessible to clients, these offices are essential for holding meetings. 


Moyano Street Nº8


Waiting Areas MARINA D'OR Constructions

We have two distinctive waiting areas that offer comfort while visitors wait to be served. 

The first area stands out for a spectacular backlit panel that displays some of the emblematic projects built by MARINA D'OR Construcciones, including the largest seawater spa in Europe. This visualization not only serves as a source of inspiration, but is also a testament to the legacy and quality of our projects.

MARINA D'OR Constructions

The second waiting room is made up of three elegant sofas and a model of the Miramar building in Oropesa del Mar, allowing visitors to visualize their future in one of our projects.

MARINA D'OR Constructions


Our Commitment

In insertion by MARINA D'OR, we understand that purchasing a home is one of the most important decisions in a person's life. Therefore, every detail of our offices has been carefully thought out to reflect our commitment. In addition, inside the office there will be different rooms as show flats that can be visited and thus visualize what your home will be like.

Each new project takes into account not only current trends in design and construction, but also the real needs of our clients, ensuring that each new home is not only beautiful and functional, but also a place where lasting memories can be created.


Your Trust, Our Greatest Aspiration

In insertion by MARINA D'OR, every day is a new opportunity to demonstrate that beyond selling properties, our goal is to build homes. We invite everyone who is looking for a new home to visit us on Calle Moyano Nº8 and experience for themselves the difference that our commitment and care can make in your search for the perfect property. 

MARINA D'OR Constructions

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