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Marina d'Or

Marina d'Or is preparing to return at the beginning of next year with sporting events.

The festive day of October 12 has been chosen to conclude the current season in the hotels and facilities of the Marina d'Or complex, a key destination for tourism in Castellón, located in the town of Orpesa.

The end of the season comes after a summer marked by a return to normality, with the elimination of most of the restrictions related to the pandemic.


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Despite the closure of hotel activities, Marina d'Or continues to offer accommodation through its apartments, extending an invitation to discover the wonderful natural environments and cultural activities available in Orpesa.

This strategic decision is aligned with the predominant tourism model in the province, where campaigns are launched several weeks before Easter, culminating in the summer months to reach maximum occupancy. The current approach seeks to make the most of the months between October and February, adapting to seasonal demands and taking advantage of the region's lovely winter temperatures.

Over the next few months, They will carry out maintenance work in Marina d'Or to prepare the various spaces of the complex, which includes several hotels, as well as the spa and amusement parks.

«We are preparing a series of improvements and new offers», declared Marina d'Or sources. After these renovations and preparations, the return is scheduled for the first weeks of next year, coinciding with the next edition of the Mediterranean Epic cycling race, scheduled for February 9-12.

After this start, the countdown will begin to operate at full capacity, with an eye on the Easter holidays.

Marina d'Or

Apartments in Marina d'Or (new Magic World)

Despite the closure of hotel activities, elements of the complex remain open. There are apartment offers that invite you to discover the wonderful natural environments and cultural activities to enjoy in Orpesa.

While the closure of hotel facilities is a temporary measure, it allows essential maintenance and improvements to be carried out. Marina d'Or is taking advantage of this period to implement a series of improvements and introduce new offers, improving the overall experience for future guests.

The decision to keep apartment offers open shows the commitment to providing visitors with opportunities to explore the natural beauty and cultural wealth of Orpesa even during the low season.

retirement in beachfront apartment

The current trend in the province implies take advantage of the quieter months to prepare for the subsequent high demand season.

The winter period, generally characterized by reduced tourist activity, serves as a ideal window for renovations, ensuring that establishments are in optimal condition for the next flow of visitors.

This approach is crucial to adapt to the changing dynamics of tourism, especially considering factors such as the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on travel patterns.

Beachfront Apartment Offer

The hotel facilities of Marina d'Or follow the predominant model in most tourist establishments in the province, with the campaign that begins weeks before Easter and reaches its maximum occupancy in the summer months.

However, winter temperatures and the decrease in attractive incentives for hoteliers, Like the recent editions of the Imserso social holidays, they have led to optimizing the months from October to February to prepare for the next season.

This is not the first time that the Orpesa complex has undergone renovations. Marina d'Or's history of renovations is not new; In fact, the complex underwent a significant transformation two years ago. This renovation took advantage of reduced activity resulting from pandemic-induced closures, allowing the resort to implement improvements and upgrades.

Such strategic renovations not only contribute to the resort's overall aesthetic appeal, but also align with the changing needs and expectations of modern travelers, ensuring that Marina d'Or remains a premier destination for those seeking a delightful blend of beauty. nature, cultural experiences and first-class accommodations.

The most significant occurred two years ago, taking advantage of the low activity resulting from perimeter closures in successive waves of the coronavirus.

Marina d'Or


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