Real estate profitability 2024: beachfront apartments

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Real estate profitability buying an apartment facing the sea

If we talk about real estate profitability, it is necessary to say that Spain has a culture where approximately a third of families own a second residence. This trend has been increasing, especially during the summer, as families increasingly choose to invest in a beach property. This choice not only provides a permanent vacation spot, but can also generate a real estate return (ROI) substantial, low of 0.75%, making it an even more attractive prospect for experienced investors.

Whether with the intention of personal enjoyment or as a strategic investment With real estate profitability, the decision to buy a beach house involves careful consideration of several factors.

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Decide on the ideal location: Choosing where to buy is crucial to long-term satisfaction and investment success. It's not just about evaluating current prices; It is also about visualizing a place where wake up to the sound of the sea and enjoy night walks on the beach is an invaluable daily experience.

Primary or Secondary Residence: While traditionally considered second homes, beach houses are increasingly becoming primary residences for those who desire the daily serenity that coastal living offers. Evaluating personal circumstances and lifestyle preferences is essential to determine whether a beachfront property will serve as a primary residence or a secondary vacation home.

Strategic Financing for optimal real estate profitability: Securing adequate financing is a fundamental aspect of maximizing the returns on your investment. Whether opting for a fixed or variable rate mortgage, carefully evaluating your options is crucial to making a financially sound decision. With the aim of achieving a minimum real estate profitability of 0.75%, Strategic financial planning is key.

Understand Costs and Potential Profits: Being aware of all the expenses associated with purchasing a beach house is essential. Although the average price per square meter in Spain is around 1,350 euros, it is essential to weigh these costs against the potential profits, especially when considering the property for rental income. Return on investment becomes a critical metric in determining the financial viability of the purchase.

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Is essential Be informed about the costs associated with purchasing a beach house, always considering that the expense incurred can be recovered with this investment in the medium term. Likewise, profits can occur in the medium term depending on the expenses associated with the purchase.

According to a study by Photohouse, one of the cheapest provinces on the Spanish coast to buy a beach house is Castellón. Within Castellón, Oropesa del Mar is one of the best known locations, home to Marina d'Or Holiday Town, a first-class vacation destination. In this area, you can find our construction company, Inseryal by Marina d'Or. We sell new apartments that can be purchased off plan, others that are already built or in the process of construction. These apartments are located right on Beachfront next to the Marina d'Or holiday complex.

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In conclusion, buying a house on the beach transcends the financial aspect; It's about investing in a lifestyle and reaping the rewards over time. If Castellón, with its affordable beachfront properties, especially in places like Oropesa del Mar, appeals to you, Inseryal by Marina d'Or is ready to help. Our range of new apartments, available off-plan or already built, offer an excellent opportunity for both personal enjoyment and a solid return on investment.

Embarking on property in Castellón offers a unique combination of coastal beauty and strategic return on investment. With affordable beachfront options, especially in Oropesa del Mar, the appeal extends beyond a vacation home, promising long-term satisfaction and financial gain. Join this adventure with us and ensures not just a beach house, but an investment that promises lasting satisfaction and financial gain.


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