Buying a second home with Inseryal: best option 2024

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Buying a second home is a turning point in your quality of life.

If you already have your own home and are thinking about buying a second property, this step means making an investment of this type that always fills us with emotion, and we all love to imagine enjoying another home with our family. Buying a second property is a decision that must be carefully considered..

Is it a good idea to buy a second home?

To determine whether buying a second home is a good idea, you should consider the reasons and goals you will achieve by doing so: having a place to spend holidays, move after retirement to live as you deserve, make a investment for profit

There are a wide variety of goals to achieve when purchasing a second home, but when you think about whether yours will be rewarding and enriching enough, it becomes easier to make the decision.

Buy a second home

Here are some tips for buying a second home:

  • Check your savings

Check if you have the necessary savings to cover the initial costs of buying a second home. You will need to make a down payment and meet certain financial requirements to qualify for a mortgage. Furthermore, it is recommended Have a reserve fund for emergencies and unexpected expenses.

  • Analyze the best mortgage

Choose a trusted financial institution that suits your situation. Evaluate which bank offers the best interest rates and conditions, and make sure you meet all the necessary requirements.

  • Find out about prices

Find out if property prices in the area where you plan to buy a second home are rising or falling. Buying a property in a growing area can be a solid investment, especially if you consider renting it out in the future.

  • Follow your instinct and your heart

Buying a second home is a reason for joy. It provides a second home for you and your family, a space to relax and enjoy, and an opportunity to extend the legacy for future generations.

Consider that this decision is also a reward for your effort and work, especially if you are planning it for your retirement. Follow your instinct and your heart so that the investment is also in your happiness and the well-being of your family.


Apartments for sale in Spain


The coast, the best area to buy a second home

Previously, we have discussed the importance of buying your second home in an up-and-coming area. If you are looking for an area that will be appreciated year after year, the coast is the ideal place for you.

The increase in rental prices on the beach by 9.7% in summer 2022 compared to summer 2021, according to a report from Tecnitase, reflects the sustained and continuous increase that is being experienced on the coast.

Certainly, upon observing the increase in prices, we ruled out renting and decided that buying a second home is the best option both in the short and long term.

Buying a second home: a new construction right on the beachfront

Buying a newly built second home right on the beachfront may seem like a utopia, but it is not.

According to an article in The country, there is currently a shortage of new construction, and it is true, there are few apartments under construction. However, here in Insertion by Marina d'Or, we are making it happen. And it's right on the beachfront!

We are constructing the buildings Ciudad Jardín I, II and III on the beach in Oropesa del Mar/Cabanes, next to Marina d'Or. It is an area away from the hustle and bustle of the tourist resort center, but with its services within reach: 8 amusement parks, the Marina d'Or Spa, which is the largest seawater spa in Europe, its spectacular gardens with fauna and flora from 5 continents, and more than 100 restaurants and shops so that you never lack anything and always have plans to enjoy with your family.

The new Ciudad Jardín apartments They are right on the beachfront and come fully furnished, equipped and decorated. Also included: coffee maker, blender, juicer, laundry basket, hair dryer, photo frames, iron and ironing board, spare sheets and towels, broom and dustpan... Everything ready to move in!

Buying a second home with Inseryal by Marina d'Or means acquiring the perfect second home to enjoy the Orange Blossom Coast during the summer months. Furthermore, it can also become your permanent residence after retirement, you deserve it! 



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