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Apartments for sale in Oropesa del Mar


Buy an apartment facing the sea It is a decision that entails many headaches. We will help you make the best possible decision:

In a previous article, we brought you two very interesting municipalities to visit if you are lucky enough to have an apartment in Marina d'Or, facing the sea in Oropesa del Mar, Castellón.

We talk about Castellón City Council and of Villarreal (with its almost 52,000 inhabitants).

This time, we will get closer to the beach and share all the interesting places you can visit in Benicassim and Goldfish of the Sea-Cabanes, where our new construction apartments, Ciudad Jardín, are located.


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Beachfront apartment near Benicàssim

Near your new beachfront apartment is a town called Benicassim, in the province of Castellón, in Spain, which has a large number of tourist attractions. One of its most notable features is its beach, considered one of the most beautiful in the region, with a wide expanse of sand and crystal clear waters. The beach is perfect for water sports or just sunbathing.

The historic center of Benicasim is also an interesting place worth visiting, with narrow streets and old buildings that still retain their original charm. The Church of the Assumption is an example of local architecture and offers a stunning view from its tower. Enjoy all of this right from your beachfront apartment:

  1. Terrers Beach:

    This coastal area of Valencia offers a clean, fine sand beach, with amenities such as the Generalitat Valenciana Sailing School. Its turquoise waters have an irresistible charm, inviting visitors to explore sailing.


  1. Aquarama Water Park:


    With 17 attractions, including El Salto del Diablo, the tenth highest water slide in the world, and The Beast, the steepest in Europe. The park offers two entry times and waffle catering services. Near your apartment facing the sea!


  1. Carmelitano Winery, Distillery and Museum:

    The 1912 building combines a manor house with an old country house, harmonizing field work and artisanal production for economic and aesthetic purposes. Visit to taste products such as Carmelitano Liqueur and Carmelitano Moscatel, harvested in the Desierto de las Palmas and Benicasim, respectively. The distilleries are located near the Desert and in the center of Benicasim.


  1. Voramar Beach:

    A sandy urban beach bordering Oropesa del Mar to the north. It has a promenade and an area marked for boat departures. This beach has maintained the Blue Flag distinction since 1994. At its feet, the film 'The Life of Blasco Ibáñez' was filmed in the 90s, paying tribute to the renowned painter Joaquín Sorolla and the writer Vicente Blasco Ibáñez. Near your apartment facing the sea!


  1. Trenet Square:

    Created by the Association of Friends of the Railway of Castellón more than 30 years ago, this miniature railway line aims to introduce this means of transport to children. The park, relocated and renovated a few years ago, displays several hand-made trains and locomotives.


  1. San Vicente Tower:


    Located on Ferrandis Salvador Street in Benicasim, the Torre de Benicasim, built in the 16th century in Renaissance style, was one of eighteen watchtowers along the coast of what is now the province of Castellón, designed to keep watch and defend the coastal area. Near your apartment facing the sea.


  1. Villa Elisa:

    Built in 1942 on the site of former pioneer villas, Villa Elisa is a mansion surrounded by lush gardens with trees and plants from around the world. Municipal property since 1982, after its restoration, it reopened in 2019 for social and cultural activities.


Apartment facing the sea

  1. Desert de les Palmes:


    The Desierto de las Palmas is located in a coastal mountain range in the Plana Alta region, parallel to the coast, with numerous hills and rock formations. The protected area covers a total of 3,200 hectares and reaches its maximum height of 729 meters at Pico de Bartolo, from where you can see the interior of Castellón, the Gulf of Valencia and the Columbretes Islands. Near the summit, you will find a monumental cross known as the Bartolo Cross


The protected area covers a total of 3,200 hectares and reaches its maximum height of 729 meters at Pico de Bartolo, from where you can see the interior of Castellón, the Gulf of Valencia and the Columbretes Islands. Near the summit, you will find a monumental cross known as the Bartolo Cross.

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Beachfront apartment in Oropesa del Mar-Cabanes

Relax on its beaches near your beachfront apartment:

With 12 kilometers of coastline and seven beaches, the area offers diversity for all tastes: open sandy beaches, hidden coves, family-friendly beaches, wild sandy beaches and rocky coasts...

The most popular and recognized beaches in the area near your new beachfront apartment include:


Nearby routes and excursions:

  • Via Verde del Mar between Oropesa del Mar and Benicasim
  • Desert de les Palmes (Benicàssim, Cabanes, La Pobla Tornesa, Borriol, and Castelló de la Plana).
  • Prat de Cabanes – Torreblanca Natural Park (Cabanes, Castellón)
  • Oropesa del Mar Viewpoint

Explore its old town:

Discover the history of this municipality, with remains dating back to the Stone Age.

Among its most notable buildings are the 8th century Castle, the Oropesa del Mar Museum and the Hermitage of the Virgen de la Paciencia.

The Oropesa del Mar Castle was initially built during the Muslim conquest and belonged to the Order of the Hospitallers until it was conquered by King James I.

It is open for visits from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. in the summer, with guided tours for those more interested in its history.

Boat excursion from your yacht club:

Perfect for dining by the sea in any of its four restaurants and strolling through its facilities afterwards.

It offers a sailing and windsurfing school, kayak rental, jet skis and diving training, among other activities.

From the port, you have the option of choosing several catamaran excursions along the Mediterranean coast and visiting the volcanic archipelago of the Columbretes Islands.

Spend the day at the largest Scientific Marine Spa in Europe just a few minutes from your beachfront apartment:

With indoor and outdoor areas, it offers swimming pools, jacuzzis, a themed children's area, showers and steam rooms.

Enjoy its Wellness Center and 192 treatments specially created for you (massages, wraps, physiotherapy, etc.)

Enjoy its patron saint festivities:

  • Patron Saint Festivities of San Jaime.

The San Jaime festivities come to Oropesa del Mar during the tourist season (July 25).

  • Festivities of the Virgin of Patience in Oropesa del Mar.

The town celebrates its patron saint festivities in October, with the main festivities on the first Sunday of the month.

Let yourself be surprised by the local cuisine:

Here are some recommendations:

  • Try Paella, Arroz a banda, Paella with espardeñas, 'Rossejat', Paella with lobster or crab, black rice or duck rice.7 things to do in Oropesa del Mar

  • Discover Olla de Castellón, a typical autumn dish also known as 'olleta de la Plana'.

  • Try the “Ximo de Castellón”, a breaded filling with tuna, egg and tomato, shaped like a sandwich.7 things to do in Oropesa del Mar

Apartments for sale in Oropesa del Mar

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