Family madness: new beachfront apartment 2024

a family madness

«A crazy family» in Inseryal

Ana, Chuchi, and their eight children Hugo, Víctor, Diego, Héctor, Laura, Mateo, Marco and Martina, an immensely popular family with 2.2 million followers on TikTok, 117,000 subscribers in Youtube and 149,000 followers on Instagram, are now owners of one of our apartments.

The media and endearing family of Ana Iglesias, known as 'A family madness', is famous for sharing her daily life, both the good times and the not so good, on social media. With the naturalness and charm that they exude in each of their publications, they have managed to win the affection of a growing number of people who closely follow their daily lives through their screens.

Buying beachfront apartments

The family wanted to acquire a second home on the coast to enjoy both in the summer and throughout the year. They had already visited the tourist complex Marina d'Or (Oropesa del Mar) three times for their holidays, so the decision was clear: they wanted an apartment on the Costa de Azahar, in Castellón.

A crazy family visited our offices and toured the sample apartment in the Ciudad Jardín Buildings, sharing the experience with their followers on social media. This fun influencer family was able to see first-hand what their apartment will be like: new, right on the beachfront, and perfectly furnished and equipped to move in.

Ana Iglesias, (mother of “Una Locura de familia”) along with her husband and eight children, They not only visited the Inseryal offices and filmed the sample apartment for their YouTube video, but they also took the opportunity to see the progress of the construction of the apartment and, of course, to play on the beach just a few meters from what will be their apartment.

a family madness

They chose Ciudad Jardín to be literally steps from the beach and not have to worry about moving; It is fully equipped: all furniture and appliances... it even has pans! They also highlight that since it is not in the center of the complex, they can visit it as many times as they want without giving up tranquility and calm.

The apartments in Ciudad Jardín are very close to Magic World, the new Marina d'Or, to enjoy leisure activities and services of the Vacation City: its eight theme parks, spa, services, parades... thousands of family plans.

More than 300 days of sunshine a year, an ideal temperature in both winter and summer, a large swimming pool under the house, all kinds of services at your fingertips and Marina d'Or just a few minutes away... all this within a few steps of the Mediterranean Sea. It's not a dream?

retirement in beachfront apartment

«Una Locura de familia» now owns her apartment in Ciudad Jardín, and now it is your turn, your family's turn. A completely new apartment, equipped and decorated, so that your only concern is your well-being and having a good time. Your second home right on the beachfront, on the Costa de Azahar, and just minutes from one of the most famous and busiest family resorts in Spain.

Fun and tranquility in equal measure for "a family madness."

Spending holidays or, why not, living in a completely new and equipped apartment right on the beach in Castellón as “a family madness” It is a dream that you can now make come true. "A Family Madness" and many more families have already trusted Inseryal for their dream apartment.

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