Beachfront Retreat: 5 Incredible Reasons

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Beachfront Retreat, don't miss Oropesa del Mar

If you are looking to enjoy a relaxed and carefree life during retirement, living in a beachfront apartment in Oropesa del Mar-Cabanes is an excellent option.

In this article, we present 5 reasons why live a beachfront retreat It can be beneficial for you during this stage of your life.

1. Retirement and retirement on the beachfront is to enjoy a relaxed and quiet environment

One of the biggest advantages of living in a beachfront apartment during retirement is the opportunity to enjoy a relaxed and peaceful environment.

The beach offers a peaceful and relaxed atmosphere, ideal for escaping the noise and stress of the city. Besides, Ciudad Jardín apartments, located in front of the sea, They are located in a residential area that is experiencing significant growth, ensuring both tranquility and security.


2.Retiro on the beachfront: Sun and beach all year round

Another great benefit of living a beachfront retreat is the opportunity to enjoy the sun and the beach all year round. You don't have to wait for summer to enjoy the beach.

In Oropesa del Mar-Cabanes, the climate is ideal to enjoy the beach from June to October, with an average sea temperature of around 20°C. This means that you can take advantage of the pleasant climate almost all year round to sunbathe or walk along the shore.

Furthermore, since the Ciudad Jardín beachfront apartments, you can enjoy spectacular views of Torre la Sal beach from the balcony of your home.

At the feet of the Apartments Ciudad Jardín 1, 2 and 3, You have direct access to Torre la Sal beach. There, you will find a wooden promenade that runs along the Oropesa coast and connects with some beach bars in summer, allowing you to relax, enjoy a drink and contemplate the sea.

If you prefer to spend the afternoon with your feet in the sand, simply grab a good book and Enjoy the tranquility under your umbrella while listening to the relaxing sounds of the sea.

Enjoy activities by the sea with an instructor and practice tai chi, yoga or pilates without leaving the sand. Start your retirement adventure now in a beachfront apartment.

Beachfront Retreat

3.Retiro on the beachfront: All the activities

Living the beachfront retreat also provides the opportunity to access a wide variety of activities. From Walks on the beach until cultural or gastronomic activities in the surroundingsThere is always something to do in a such a vibrant and dynamic beach environment.

With more than 300 days of sunshine a year, Oropesa del Mar-Cabanes is a place to enjoy all year round.

You can also explore the picturesque old town of Oropesa del Mar and its Iberian and Roman architectural legacy. Visit the King's Tower, the lighthouse either the chapel of the Virgin of Patience, the patron saint of the municipality.

You can also visit the Oropesa del Mar museum, located in the old town.

As a curiosity, Oropesa del Mar also has the Playing Card Museum, which features the second largest collection of playing cards in the world.

If your grandchildren are visiting, it is perfect because in July, Oropesa del Mar hosts their International Puppet Festival by the Sea.

Enjoy the rest of the summer events on the coast with nights of Cinestival, the Tower of Enigmas and the Arena Circus Festival in September.

Do you feel like taking care of yourself? Enjoy the Largest Scientific Seawater Spa and Wellness Center, where you can enjoy wraps, massages, anti-aging cavatherapy and pressotherapy treatments to feel lighter, simply unique.

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4.Retiro on the beachfront: Services and amenities at your fingertips

The apartments facing the sea in Ciudad Jardín They are conveniently located near various services and amenities.

From supermarkets and shops to pharmacies, restaurants, bars and health centers, you can enjoy everything you need to live comfortably in such a privileged beach environment.

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5. Be part of an Active and Diverse Community

Finally, live the beachfront retreat Ciudad Jardín also offers the opportunity to be part of an active and diverse community.

The beachfront apartments in Ciudad Jardín They accommodate people of all ages and nationalities, ensuring that there is always someone with whom to share pleasant moments and enriching experiences.

In summary, Living in a beachfront apartment during retirement can be an excellent choice to enjoy a relaxed and quiet environment, make the most of the sun and beach all year round, access a variety of activities, have nearby services and amenities and be part of an active and diverse community.

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