Castellón Airport: Incredible destinations to see in 2024

Castellon Airport

3 Great Plans from Castellón Airport

The year has just started and you are already thinking about your next travel destination? Well, take note of these plans that we present to you, taking a direct flight from Castellón Airport!

What do you know about Castellón Airport?

This airport, opened in 2011 and operating regularly since 2015, reached a total of 150,000 passengers throughout 2022. Despite the challenges posed by Covid, it has accumulated 743,000 travelers in 8 years, offering ten regular routes, with the latest additions being Brussels, Dublin and Madrid.

Magazine Airplane Revue International (specialized in commercial and military aviation) awarded him the Excellence Award 2022 in the Airports category. In addition to its achievements in logistics, commercial and educational activities, it boasts a cultural zone with updated monthly exhibitions.

This cultural area is known as 'zone 30', an extension of the Vicente Aguilera Cerni Museum of Contemporary Art (Macvac) in Vilafamés. Therefore, in your travel plan, you could even include a visit to this gallery and explore the works of art displayed in other areas of the airport

Castellón airport

Where to travel this month from Castellón Airport?

Here are the plans we propose from this airport, located just 15 minutes from Oropesa del Mar, directly from Castellón Airport.

Visit TradFest Temple Bar in Dublin.

This celebration hosts the Ireland's largest traditional music festival. Experience live music and immerse yourself in the celebration of Irish identity with a cold Guinness in hand.

You can take a flight between Castellón and Ireland on Wednesdays and Sundays for just €13 each way with Ryanair. Direct from Castellón airport.

Receive the New Year from the Belgian capital.

Castellon Airport

For around €50 (round trip) per adult, start the year by visiting Brussels non-stop. Ryanair takes you there and back every Monday and Friday with a direct flight from Castellón airport in 2 hours and 10 minutes.

Explore the city center on foot and enjoy its famous 'moules frites' (mussels and fries) and waffles. Take a walk through the center to discover the building of the Brussels Stock Exchange (similar to our Congress of Deputies). You can also spend an afternoon shopping at Galeries Saint Hubert, one of the oldest shopping galleries in Europe.

If you are a music lover, regardless of your preferred genre, Brussels offers concerts almost daily for all types of audiences.

Seville just a few hours from Castellón Airport

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If you prefer national tourism, visit the city with the largest population in Andalusia. Any time of year is perfect to enjoy its terraces, gastronomy and lifestyle.

From this city, Magellan and Sebastián Elcano set out to change history by undertaking the first complete circumnavigation of the world.

Don't miss visiting the Giralda, the Torre del Oro, the Cathedral or the Cartuja.

Iberia can take you there (with a stopover in Madrid) for just over €200 (depending on the time of year).

Experience the charm of Seville, the history of Belgium or the festivities in Dublin, all just a flight away from Castellón airport. After your adventures, return to the tranquility of your new beachfront apartment in Oropesa del Mar, a perfect combination of relaxation and excitement.

Can you imagine visiting Seville, Belgium or Dublin and, after landing in Castellón, sleeping in your new beachfront apartment in Oropesa del Mar, next to Marina d'Or?

Stop imagining and come visit us

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