Real estate market in 2024: it is better to buy facing the sea

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The real estate market: do not be afraid to invest

The Spanish real estate sector closed the previous year with very positive sales figures and continues to rise this year. Both foreign and national interest in real estate investment in Spain are growing as markets such as logistics, rental homes or beachfront properties become more attractive. However, the real estate sector was one of those that experienced a more significant recovery last year 2023: Real estate investment in Spain increased by more than 30% in 2021. The third quarter of 2021 recorded the highest number of transactions, ending with a 62% increase in home purchases compared to 2020.


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These figures are largely due to the fact that investors see the real estate market as one of the assets that offer the highest returns. In the second half of 2021, the combined profitability of owning a rental property and selling it increased by 7% year-on-year, according to information provided by the Bank of Spain.

Real estate serves as a natural hedge against inflation, as rents tend to rise along with prices. Buying and renting a home can work well in the long term if the investment is sound. When looking for a property to invest in, it is essential to consider that both the price and its appreciation are influenced by many internal and external factors. At the moment, The most sought after properties are those with 2 or 3 bedrooms located on the beachfront, with large terraces for vacation rentals that generate returns.

The real estate market of Castellón, one of the most affordable coastal provinces in Spain

Spain is an excellent investment destination, with more than 564,569 homes sold in 2021.

Castellón is one of the most attractive provinces for sales to both foreign and national clients. and ranks fifth in the country as a vacation destination, confirming its leadership in the real estate sector. Several reasons justify the interest in investing in Castellón, including a excellent quality of life, health, gastronomy and a warm climate which, together with its beaches, attracts more than 3 million tourists. Its strategic location on the Mediterranean Sea offers extensive transportation options by land, sea and air, excellent highways and a high-speed train (AVE) that connects it with Madrid in 3 hours.

When deciding Invest in the real estate market to buy an apartment on the beachfront on the Costa de Castellón, we need to analyze which locations are most interesting for this purchase.

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In Castellón, there are different offers for the sale of beachfront apartments, but if you are looking for a combination of quality, tranquility and fun, Oropesa del Mar is one of the areas that can offer you everything you are looking for.

According to the newspaper El Economista estimates that buying a property off plan can be approximately 5% cheaper for homeowners when investing in a home., which makes it interesting to look for newly built homes in Castellón.

Taking into account that buying a property off plan can provide a discount of 5% on the investment of a home, it is interesting search for newly built homes in Castellón.

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If we talk about Oropesa of the Sea As one of the places where we can find the combination of services and natural wealth of the province of Castellón, we have to mention our construction company, Inseryal by Marina d'Or, one of the best known and respected in this area.

In Oropesa del Mar, you will find Marina d'Or Vacation City, which, as its motto indicates, is one of the main destinations of the Valencian Community. In Marina d'Or, you can find 8 amusement parks, more than 100 shops and restaurants. In the complex, you can also find 3, 4 and 5 star hotels and the largest seawater spa in Europe. Not to mention its extensive beaches and more than 300,000m2 of garden areas.

The apartments we offer just on the beachfront are new constructions in Castellón and can be purchased off plan. We offer payment facilities and adapt our offers to your budget for the initial payment. We want to make it easier for you to fulfill one of your dreams: Own a house on the beachfront facing the Mediterranean Sea.

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